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Local Stories - Local Outreach

Katherine DeSilva is an author, educator and artist.  Over the past decade she has put her creativity into educating people in her community with her books, art, and events. 

Illustrations Engaged

Katherine is excited to offer some of her illustration on beachwear, clothing and as printed art.  

Coming for Spring & Summer 2024

Crane Castle Ipswich, Illustration Katherine DeSilva

Note Cards


A set of 10 note cards with envelopes all with a different flavor of Ipswich. Bugs, birds, and places that will stir memories of summer days on the North Shore.

Great Marsh MA Map & Keychain

Great Marsh 


The Great Marsh in Ipswich is a lovely home to a range of creatures.  Keychains and matted prints of original illustrated maps are available. 

Christmas Tags - Greenhead Joke gifts

Greenhead Joke Gifts


From books to tangible items, a range of greenhead themed items are being designed with original illustrations. 

Books (Coming Soon)

In the light of a greenhead moon

In the Light of a Greenhead Moon


A collection of prose and poetry about the Greenhead.  This 6" book is over 100 pages of the silly and serious and includes both 'Every Critter is Part of the Plan' and 'Kelly the Greenhead'

Every Critter is Part of the Plan

Every Critter is Part of the Plan


An informational story about the life cycle of greenheads. Written and illustrated for younger children. 'Every Critter is Part of the Plan' is an exploration of the interconnectedness of creatures in the Great Marsh.  The story is reformatted from "In the Light of a Greenhead Moon" and contains some expanded illustrations. 

Kelly the Greenhead

Kelly the Greenehad


A silly read about a lonely greenhead named Kelly that just wants to make friends.  Written and illustrated for adults. The story is reformatted from "In the Light of a Greenhead Moon" and contains some expanded illustrations.

Published Books

Flutter on My Cheeks

Flutter on My Cheeks


"Flutter on My Cheeks" is a heartfelt tale of a daughter's journey to understand her mother's chronic illness. Join Zetta, her two dogs, two rats, and two fairies as they unravel life with Multiple Sclerosis from a child's perspective.

The Great Neck Mermaid


"The Great Neck Mermaid" immerses you in a regional story exploring the waterways and history of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Join a curious mermaid, her family, and three seals as they uncover the natural wonders of Plum Island Sound and Ipswich Bay.

Corey Mitchell Foundation

Dancing Together


"Dancing Together: Dads Get MS Too" sheds light on the life of those facing Multiple Sclerosis. Inspired by Corey Mitchell, it delves into the challenges of this chronic neurological disorder, emphasizing that it can affect anyone, regardless of gender.

Events & Community Programs

Katherine DeSilva, Author
Community Painting - Collaborative Art
20 Locations - 5 days. Paint Ipswich

At Community Canvas, we believe in the power of community and creativity. Our mission is to foster the creation of countless original artworks that capture the essence of Ipswich. It's an open-air studio for everyone, from Ipswich residents to visitors, to be a part of a unique art experiment. Together, we'll showcase the special places in Ipswich, dear to our hearts, in a truly one-of-a-kind way. Join us in this collaborative endeavor to paint Ipswich with the vibrant strokes of creativity.

Language Lives
Language Lives
Poetry, Storytelling, Exhibition & Symposium 

Step into the world of words and artistry. Language Lives, brought to you by Ipswich Art Association and lead by Katherine DeSilva.  Language Lives is a celebration of the written word and visual arts in northeastern Massachusetts. Our Book & Art Exhibition is a testament to the beauty of language and the vivid expressions of art. Join us for a unique experience that combines the literary and visual realms, where every word and brushstroke comes to life. Open to everyone who shares a love for the profound connection between words and art. 

New England Family Market, Ipswich + Rowley
New England Family Market & Baby Expo
Sustainability & Family

The New England Natural Baby Expo focuses on the early years of life. The day covers a range of topics about pregnancy, newborns, infants, children and family as well as a number of classes dealing with more general topics for mothers, fathers and caregivers. These classes focus on how to care for your growing and changing family. The Natural Baby Expo understands that families come in many sizes and configurations and we strive for more inclusive information for all types of parents.

The Pitch.

Katherine DeSilva is not only an author and artist; she's a single mother with Multiple Sclerosis on a mission. Katherine's stories come to life in Essex County, Massachusetts, her beloved home. As a full-time Special Educator for teens with social and emotional disabilities, Katherine is dedicated to making a difference in her community.

With a Masters of Science in Special Education and a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Katherine has a unique perspective on the world of education and creativity. She has also been teaching value-based sexual education classes for youth of all ages for over a decade.

Katherine is an advocate for open conversations about sustainability, social-emotional wellness, and sexual well-being. Her journey is an inspiring blend of art, literature, education, and advocacy.